Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carlsbad Beach California

We arrived at Cindy & Erik's late Wednesday evening. The girls were really great on the trip considering how long it takes to get down to San Diego.

We slept all but one night in Rancho Bernardo. The girls wake up sooooooo early. I didn't want them waking everyone up early at the beach house. The last night there, we all slept at the gorgeous beach house as a family. I am sad to say I didn't get one picture of all of us as a family. I know that I posted quite a few photos, but I really did post just my favorites.

Yes this was the amazing beach house where we partied and had a ton of fun. It can be all yours for a mere 20 million dollars! Ahhhh to be rich!

It was overcast almost the whole time we were there. I didn't mind. I had so many memories of beach trips gone by race through my mind while I was there. So many good memories of beaches, family & friends.

On Sunday the congregation from Cindy & Erik's church came and we had a service there on the lower level of the house. It was very lovely.

Good ol' Uncle Ben. He is Dean's younger brother. He has one of the biggest hearts and my girls just adore him. Zoe had just fallen asleep, so Ben was carrying her upstairs to put her to bed.

Yup. The party shower. No Dean and I didn't get to use it like I had hoped. That's OK. The last time we had fun in a shower in California, Aris was born, oh about 9 months later. Better safe than, well, having to add another car seat to the mix.

This was the very cool tub in the room Dean and I stayed in.

Cindy, Aris, me & Sloan. 

I have been so blessed to be in Deans family. They are wonderful people and I love the memories we are building. The beach house party was to celebrate Cindy turning 50 years young. I had such a blast with all of her friends and I had a lot of fun with my girls too. Dean was working almost the whole time on the new outdoor BBQ at his parents home. Times are tight. Dean's boss is out of work. So that means Dean has no work. He is taking any side job he can get. It has actually turned out to be quite a blessing. He told me the other day that for the first time in years he feels like he can relax. I think he really enjoys being able to go to work and he's in charge. This is just one of those scary steps we knew would eventually come before he gets his contractors licence. Just a crummy time to become a contractor. He will actually be more of a handy man/ fix-it guy until the market picks back up again. Although he makes a bit more working on his own, there isn't the weekly paycheck we have grown accustomed too. It's really changed our spending habits. Well enough about that. Dean stayed behind to finish up the BBQ and his uncle had some work that he asked if he could do also. He was supposed to fly home on Thursday but now will be home Saturday. I told him if he calls me on Friday and tells me he won't be flying home until the following Wednesday I might start to wonder if he is ever coming home (Just kidding here) We miss him. I love how hard my hubby works for our little family. Although he isn't good with the mooshy gushy lovey dovey things, he loves us all so much and shows it in many subtle and sweet ways. One fun thing that has come of all this is that he has lined up some more work in San Diego the week before Thanksgiving. That means.........ROAD TRIP! I will be counting down the days until I see all my family again. Love you Cindy and Erik! Love you Jenn & Little Erik, Ben & Kristin. Can't wait to see all of you in November!


Elissa said...

oh, it looks like you all had a LOVELY time. i am SO glad you posted all those pics... your girls are just darling. and i LOOOVE sloan's (hope i got that right) paisley bathing suit! your beach pictures are fantastic, so don't feel bad about posting so many... loved seeing them! glad you got to get away. i am thoroughly jealous with the cold, dreary rain we are having here in NY. great memories for you all!

PS. ok, tag, you're it. thanks for playing along

mysteryhistorymom said...

Summer- I was wondering where you were! Off having fun at the beach, hmmm?:) Good for you! It looks like you had the most amazing time and your pictures are fabulous! Such a beautiful family. I will be keeping you in my prayers, my friend.:) Lori

Firefly Hill said...

Welcome back!

It looks like you had a great time...I love your photos. Wow what a house!!


charmaine said...

wow! your blog is beautiful! i love your family photos and the art work is just amazing.

God BLess,

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I'm glad your back! Oddly, your post didn't show up in bloglines :(

Looks like you had a great time! I love all your pictures, the girls are beautiful. . . and that house! Getting spoiled like that is a nice change from the ordinary :) Glad Dean has work, it's hard being self-employed. I will keep you in my prayers in that regard. . . thanks for your prayers.

The Coates said...

I just love the pictures of the girls at the beach. Love the house you stayed in.

FamiLee said...

Oh...Did I tell you that my hub and I lived in a Carlsbad, Cal beach cottage the first year of our marriage...such a great beach for you to share pics of. Lots of fabulous memories. Okay, and your girls are so beautiful...maybe you should of used the shower, 'cause you and your love have a great recipe goin' ;)

sara ferrel said...

Oh my gosh, if I had that shower I'd probably have fifty kids, haha.

That's awesome you get to go on another road trip! I'm jealous! Don't worry about the puppies, we'll take good care of them!