Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom & I circa 1977

Happy birthday Mom! I love you so much. Wish I could have been there to give you a big hug and a kiss, and a smack on the fanny (cause I know how much you love that!) I miss you and can't wait to talk to you this weekend.

*My mom hates to be smacked on her fanny, so of coarse all us kids take a smack whenever we are able to. What, it's her birthday, I thought you were supposed to get a spanking on your birthday?


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a sweet picture! You look so much like your Mom- so pretty!

I adore your new masterpiece- gorgeous! She is going to sell quickly! Lori

zana said...

Aris looks like cute! My phone is on the fritz...I'll call you today if it gets fixed!

Elissa said...

oh, i SO agree... everyone needs to have a smack on the fanny on their birthday!!!!! thanks for the smile!

Firefly Hill said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama! What a gorgeous bunch of girls you all are! Annie

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Love that pic of you two! Happy Birthday to your mom :)

Firefly Hill said...


I am so glad you like the bags! Please dont worry for one second about calling me did not bother me one bit. I call people by the wrong name all the time, or I just freeze and blank out on someone's name...someone that I have known for quite some time. I know how embarrassing it is...just dont be embarrassed with me because I totally understand!! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. It is getting a little fallish here...nice temps. I love the pictures you took of the balloon festival and also your sisters are very beautiful..just like you!