Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I wish I had in my Closet

Yes, If I could spend any amount of money, this would be in my closet and I would be wearing it to church today. I would also rock her lovely do.


Anonymous said...

Summer as I am somewhat older then dirt and ... trust me have felt to some degree what you are feeling... the old uncool thing... every day as I teach these young fertile cool minds and I realize just how empty and superficial they are. Youth is wasted on the young ;)... If I had that energy and my experiance things would certainly be different, but I woulden't trade places with any of them.
You will see as things change your ideas of beauty also's a funny thing. Oh sure youth is still great and all... sometimes I look at an old person and I try to imagine what they looked like when they were young.
You are beautiful because of WHO you are! (you are STILL beautiful on the outside too! ;)) For what its worth... one old man's ranting!
Much Love to you and your family. - Mr. "Y"

PS - your sister Brennan is going to be an amazing artist too! Wow! ;)

Elissa said...

um. i would like to rock those glasses too. fab. that skirt is the bomb... and is totally long enough to hide my ugly knees! very sexy secretary. too bad i am currently wearing jr. pants that are too tight on my thighs and a tad too short and a frumpy (but OH SO COMFY) wrap sweater that is all stretched out and misshapen. did manage a bit of make up this morning, but had to do SOMETHING to hide the zits. SIGH.... ;-)

Elissa said...

yeah, speaking of, how DID i manage to end up with wrinkles, gray hair AND zits all at once. frick, by the time the zits go away, the wrinkles and gray hair will have taken over. can't win for losin, i tell ya! ;-) ;-)

Artfulife said...

Oh Mr Y! You still are the best. Isn't Brennan so talented? She has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps up all the hard work. She is so excited to finally have you as her art teacher.

I do feel so happy with where I am physically, mentally, and spiritually. I still have a lot to learn and much to do to become a better and more well rounded person. I am with you on the "Youth is waisted on the young" thing.

Hope you and your family are well. I still have Yoda sitting in my house. Really need to send him your way :) LOL! Take care Mr. Y.
-Your old (hehehehhe) art student, Summie

zana said...

I think you should try your hand at sewing something similar for yourself! Why not?!