Sunday, October 26, 2008

And the Winner is................For Real This Time

My deepest apologies for taking so long in picking a winner. 

The winner is: Cordwood Cabin!

Seams fitting for my sweet friends down in the woods of Arkansas to win this little Halloweeny Kitty. They are the sweetest, and my very first blogging friends. All of their prim creations have such a fun story behind them, most are made of characters from very famous books and stories. I was lucky enough to buy quite a few of the Alice in Wonderland series that Eliza sold on EBay (That's how we met) I am pretty sure they are big holiday fans over at the cabin. So if you have a few minutes run over and say hello, you will find that they are the friendliest folks. Also check out their very fun prim creations.

Thanks Again to ll of you for joining me in this giveaway. I hope to visit with you all again very soon. Have a lovely Sunday!


Cordwood Cabin said...

Yay!! We're so excited...the kitty was adorable (and will look great with Fwank in our Halloween display)Thanks for letting us play along!!

Shay said...

Hi Summer~
Well congrats to the winner! Eek I cannot BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!!! WOW that stinks! We've had the bug too, so not fun!! Wishing you all well, we have two sick right now as well! :)

Have a wonderful night!

KKJD1 said...

Congrats Cordwood cabin! Summer makes the cutest pics. Thanks Summer for another fun giveaway! Hope you have a wonderful week! Blessings, karen

Elissa said...

So happy to know you will be doing more! maybe one of these days i'll give something away myself.... or maybe not. too much pressure ;-)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

congrats to cordwood cabin . . . I hope your other half is feeling better :)