Saturday, October 11, 2008

As Promised

So its that time of year again. Time to get out the Halloween decorations, pull out the winter clothes, and get the house ready for fall.

Zoe & Aris enjoying the last of the cool fall afternoons. Digging of course.

My little Sloan. She is growing up too quickly.

Snow! In October! I know. This is what we woke up to yesterday morning. I still took the kids for our morning walk, however it was a miserable experience. All but three of the kids screamed and cried. All the moms bundled up all the kids. I think it was just the pure shock of how bitter cold it was. It didn't get above 37 degrees and snowed on and off all day into the night. 

So after school we headed over to Hillary's for a little Wii action and some popcorn.

There was a little of the snowball action going on also.

Little Aris playing with Hillary's American Girl doll. Yes she is not much bigger than the doll. She's just the most petite little girl I know. Still wearing some 6-9 month things.

My favorite little Zoe outfit. I love the brand Oilily. It is by far one of my favorite clothing lines for kids and moms. I usually can't afford to buy their clothes due the the price tag. The pants above retailed for $150. I got them on eBay gently used (seriously like brand new) for around $12. I was jumping up and down for joy. They are lined and made of a super thick wool fabric. I didn't have any shirts to match the pants but I found the t shirt as seen in the picture at old Navy for $5. The cream colored long sleeved undershirt at Target for $5. now she has a super toasty complete outfit for winter.

What is this? A pile of clean laundry? Nope, a pile of clothes that are hand me downs for Zoe. Almost all are winter clothes. How grateful I am to have found these in the garage? How grateful I am that I saved so many of Sloan's clothes from when she was this age? What a blessing to find them now. Last but not least I am helping to reduce reuse and recycle! How cool is that?

Last but not least, one of the things I am working on this weekend. This is for sweet Karen who won my last giveaway. She has been oh so patient with me and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow and off in the mail by Monday.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Elissa said...

great pics.... i LOVE the snow coming down around the basketball hoop and summer patio swing. wild. and i hear you on hand me down happiness. i really don't have anyone to get many hand me downs from, but when i do i am THRILLED... otherwise that's why my favorite store is salvation army! loved too seeing your paints at work. seeing all those smeary colors just thrills me. wish i had such a skill....

Girl Land said...

Hi Summer! I would be honored to be linked to from your blog. ;) Thanks for reading. I love your kids names...we were considering Sloane for our youngest (she ended up Vivian). xo

Sarah (Girl Land)

zana said...

The dog illustration is so cute! Sorry I missed your call earlier, I have been in bed all day with fever and aches...I hope it's just all the stress of the past 2 weeks and NOT the flu or something.
love you, zana

zana said...

Well, it must be the flu or something. I am now running 102' and Hayden is home sick with me. Sigh. I will call you when this blows over...

FamiLee said...

So glad you are bundling up the girls...that snow looks c-c-cold! That was a sweet deal on Oilily! Your girls are so cute.

Love the art you are working on. Have you thought about writing and illustrating a children's book?

The Coates said...

I love Zoe's outfit!! I wish I could have gone shopping with you! JK I have so much fun with you the other night. The outfit looks better on her than on the rack. :)

Artfulife said...

We did have fun huh? I told you it would. You didn't want to believe me. Neither did that crazy girl at the check out @ Old Navy. Good times, good times!