Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Bizarre Nose

Dean Swanson

Yes even before I fell for Dean, I always thought he had an amazing nose. I still stare at it on a daily basis and thank my lucky stars that his nose is as amazing as he is. I know, I am a total geek.

Jason Lee & son

I loved this, the whole father & son profile. How cute is that?

Jason Lee

Yes ever since Mall Rats I have lusted after Jason Lee's beautiful nose. Not only is he a talented actor, but an incredible artist, photographer, and at one time a professional skater. Sexy nose, amazing talent, what more could a girl want?

Jonny Depp

Need I say more? I think he's at his nose hottiest when he is in full pirate mode. Scruffy face and messy hair. It's almost too much to handle. Seriously, as Jack Sparrow his nose has never looked so wonderful.

Ryan Gosling

Most of you may have first spotted this lovely work of (possible) rhinoplasty in the very mushy lovey dovey movie The Notebook. Yes I fell hard for his beautiful nose right then and there. However I think his nose looks better as he has gotten older as witnessed in the movie Lars and the Real Girl. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend you take the time to check it out. You will laugh through the whole movie and maybe cry at the end like I did. It has now become one of my all time favorites. (Along with Ryan Goslings very perfect nose)

Patrick Dempsey

Oh and who could pass up McDreamy's very hot and perfect nose? So I know I don't have a McDreamy but I do have a McDeeny. (hehehehee) OK on to the next perfect schnoz.

Luke Wilson

I love it that he is in so many of my most favorite films. It means I can watch his perfect nose over and over and over again.

Adam Sandler

Ever since Billy Maddison I have thought he had the most perfect nose. It doesn't hurt that he's so darn funny. In college all my friends knew how crazy I was about Adam Sandler and his perfect nose, so my friend Kevin Lehman made a poster with a picture of Adam Sandler and on his shirt he put I love S.S. Then said posters were placed in every bathroom stall at the school. I still have the master copy. It is lamented and in my box of memories.

Gene Kelly

The grandaddy of hot noses. When I was a little girl I used to watch his movies. I seriously thought one day I would grow up and we would get married. I thought he was the hottest guy. I didn't really understand the vast age difference when I was 9 years old. I still think he is one of the most handsome men who ever lived.

Christian Bale

I saw Christian Bale when I was a little girl in the movie Empire of the sun. From then on out I have had such respect for this very talented actor. It doesn't hurt that he has such a perfect nose either.

Ray Lamontagne

Love the nose, love his music, love it! Seriously, have you seen a more perfect profile of a nose?

So their are many other perfect noses that have not been included for lack of pictures and time. However if I receive enough comments on this post, I promise to post more. I guess when all is said and done it is pretty safe to say I like big strong defined noses. So you might be scratching your head and asking yourself, why the strange obsession with noses? One day I will post some pictures of my crazy crooked nose. This my friends is the root of my obsession. That which we don't have, sometimes makes us want it all the more. So since I never will have a perfect nose, I enjoy looking at those who do.


mysteryhistorymom said...

That was such a fun post! Yes, those men have some lovely noses- I just never noticed before... I was too busy looking at their eyes... swoon:) Lori

FamiLee said...

I don not think I can look at another face again without noticing the nose! You are hilarious! Made me laugh. I was thinking that many artists have their fetish...your nose-ology is a hoot...and you are so serious about it. LOL! I love eyes.

BTW, you and your hubby are such a cute couple!

charmaine said...

this is too cute, girls and our obsessions. i obsess over necks, lol! a nice neck is just fascinating to me. also, ears and eyes. so i know what you mean.i'm always looking at men and thinking to myself," hmm, does he have nice genes". i love the picture of you and your husband, very nice and he does have a great nose. so does my boy johnny depp, he's just great have a good eye for noses. now noses are on my list, look what you've done. have a nice day!

God Bless,

Elissa said...

fun, fun, funny! i say amen to luke wilson (yeah!), gene kelly and jason lee. (i too loved gene kelly(say nothing of the nose...HELLO hot dancer's bod) , but alas, even if we had lived at the same time, i swear he was like half my height!) ok now i want to see the female list (and don't worry about a crooked nose... it can be VERY fetching... just look at cat deely, cameron diaz and hugh grant.

Artfulife said...

Girls noses are not as much fun. I do have a distinct vision of what beauty is in women and its always very odd looking girls that I find the most beautiful.

Elissa said...

ok. well, now i think i am going to need examples of those odd looking women ;-) i actually like someone with a bit of the non-standard about them myself...both men and women, so that's actually why i was curious about the nose thing... i tend to like the look of women who don't have perfect little noses. anyway.... it was fun seeing all those lovely schnozzes. you continue to make me smile!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

You have put a lot of thought into this! I'm not one to focus that closely on a nose :)

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

LOL I was just thinking that Jason Lee should be on your list and as I scrolled down, lookie who is there! I do wonder though, do you think had a nose job?

Cordwood Cabin said...

I can never draw noses to look right (and even my sculpted ones are crooked), so there's something to be said for a good nose! (Not that I have one, sadly).

Cookie said...

I have to admit, after reading this post, I'm starting to rethink noses!

I think my favorite is Jason Lee and his boy in the profile pic - very striking!

Personally, I'd be happay with the caps these fellas are wearing ♥

Claire said...

You are silly! That is what I love about you. Noses?! I look at teeth. No matter what I am watching or with whom I am speaking, I stare at their teeth. The whiter and more perfect the better. Lately I have been infatuated with Sara Ramirez' teeth. Have you ever looked at them? Ok she may not be a man but it's just teeth.