Friday, October 3, 2008

Tag...You're It!

So lovely Elissa from the blog Burch Swinging was "tagged" the other day and asked if people would play along. So I volunteered to be one of her people she would tag. I love visiting her blog. She is very gifted at writing, mommy, artist and a crafter. As I read her blog I feel like we both have a lot in common. If we lived closer I know we would be the best of friends. 

Random facts in no particular order.

1-I was born in Calgary Alberta Canada. I only lived there for a little over a month, but growing up it was always fun to tell people I was Canadian. Only in the last few weeks has my birth status become a problem. Now I am going through the process of becoming an American citizen. How ridiculous is that?! I've lived here all but a month and a half of my life and now I find out I am not an American. Bizarre. Hows that for random. (I still love Canada no matter what)

2-There is a drawing of me in a museum.

3-I love to collect all things vintage.

4-I have blue eyes.

5-I have always been obsessed with noses. I have a list in my mind of people with perfect noses. My husband thinks it's kind of weird. If you are interested in my list just let me know and I will do a post on it later. By the way, my husband has a perfect nose. I could stare at it all day. It drives him nuts.

6-When I was little I was deathly afraid of choking. 

7-When I grow up, I want to own my own business making beautiful art and items for children.

Now for some tagging............. let's see............ I am tagging Michelle of My Designs, Suzannah of Sitting Pretty Studios, Lori of Morning Glories and Moonbeams, Anne of Firefly Hill Style, Susan of the Anderson Family blog, Kandice of The Coates family and last but certainly not least Amy at Park City Girl.


Elissa said...

ok i SERIOUSLY want to know your list of perfect noses, because i TOO have an appreciation for a good nose. it's a rather important part of the face, i think. thanks for playing along. i think you're the bomb, (even if you are canadian *wink*wink). and where oh where is there a drawing of you?

PS. thanks for the ego boost! i think we'd get along famously too....especially with you feeding me all that craziness about me being gifted.....

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I love the random meme's! It's a fun way to learn more about fellow bloggers :) I will have to think on the randomness that is my life! Thanks :)