Saturday, November 8, 2008


Look what my dear friend Suzanna from Sitting Pretty Studio sent me. I saw this at least a dozen times in the store but found it hard to pay the almost $8 to buy it. She surprised me with it as an early b-day gift. I am so very spoiled wouldn't you say?

It is packed full of many of my favorite artist's and ideas from the past year of magazines. However don't think it's just a repeat of what you may have already looked at. No. It is also full of many creative websites and tons of resources for artist's and crafter's alike. I have still seen a few copies here and there. So run, quickly before they are all gone and get yo self a copy! Hurry your little buns to the store, hurry now. 

Thanks Suzanna for the magazine. I will use it for years to come.


zana said...

You are VERY welcome! I'm still laughing at our convo last night!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a great book! I will be looking for it, Summer! When is your birthday??? Lori

zana said...

You've been very blog-y today! I kind of got wrapped up in the third book of my vampire saga and haven't painted yet, shame on me! I am going to be willing the Grosgrain giftcard to you...I do have some Jedi powers...!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It took me two days to get through everything in that mag! I got it with a coupon at Joanns :_