Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newest Illustration

If life really is a bowl full of cherries,

Then this little gal must have the right idea.

Started and finished her tonight. The colors are better in person & I am hoping to capture the true color of this illustration when I am taking pictures on Thursday. It will come in the cutest little frame that is made from reclaimed wood & is in the shape of a house. I really liked the frame but deciding the perfect image took a little while. The frame is a shade of blue that I would associate with a beach house feel. I wanted to achieve the feel of a warm spring day. I think I was successful. Look for her in my shop update this Friday.


zana said...

YOu nailed it! You are on a roll!!!

KKJD1 said...

Summer the little bird with cherries is so cute and I love the little owls too. Hope everything is well there with you all. Blessings, Karen

Elissa said...

oh can't wait to see the results! i just love the idea of the house frame!!!!

farmerjulie said...

Hi Summer!
So glad you popped by! How old is your daughter? I have two with type one. a twelve year old diagnosed last december and 8 year old dignosed last may..it is been one crazy year.
e-mail me if you get a chance!

FamiLee said...

She is beautiful! I am going to post her on my blog if its okay. ??? Let me know.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Summer! It's great! You are so talented :)

charmaine said...

how beautiful is that! your work is just amazing. i also love those owls, they are so pretty. how are you and your family? i pray all is well. keep in touch.

God Bless,