Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Red Barn Giveaway

Cute new Banner

Don't forget to add this to your side bar & link back to Dana's page for 5 extra entries.

3, yes 3 gorgeous quilts. All of them are too yummy for words.

I can hardly stand it! I would be happy to win any one of these (the pink & brown one is my favorite) 

In case you have never heard of Dana and her wonderful blog Old Red Barn Co. (what rock have you been hiding under) Now is a perfect time to get acquainted. Not only does Dana make lovely homemade all natural soaps, she is an amazing photographer and has great taste in music. She also hosts a quilt giveaway every now and then. These are no ordinary quilt giveaways. Nope. These are events. Gatherings of friends and strangers alike in blogland. All casting a hopeful comment. That maybe, just maybe ol' random number generator will pick our number. Oh Mr. Generator, please pick my number. So run on over and leave a comment for Dana, and if you win and it is because I told you about this awesome giveaway, feel free to send the quilt to one Summer Swanson, Sparks, NV. I certainly wouldn't protest.