Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.......

I really was going for one of those classic "under the Christmas tree" photos here. You know the kind you find in your parents photo albums? The little ones are still a little too wiggly. I will try again next year. Although I must say this picture of Sloan makes me laugh. She is such a goof ball.

Aris was mesmerized by the tree. She even helped to put up ornament. I think this is the reason she hasn't tried to take any of them off. They aren't mysterious anymore.

Sloan choreographed a series of photos, this was one of them, "Ok Zoe, now lets do like this by the tree, no over here. Ok Mom take the picture." It was very funny.

A holiday tradition every kid can't resist, the annual shaking of the gifts.

It is silly that it took a Christmas tree to make me feel the spirit of Christmas. There are so many who have so little. I will be working on some handmade gifts tonight. Just a few more days until we leave for San Diego. I miss all of my family so much, I can hardly wait to see everyone on Saturday. Only wish my parents and siblings lived closer. 


mysteryhistorymom said...

Great pictures of your darling girls and your lovely tree! I love the pink and green wrapped presents! Lori

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

How fun! What great pictures of your girls :) My gilrs love telling each other what to do, or to pose, and such. . . the hard part is when they don't comply :)

michelle said...

What fun pictures! And just think, your girls will have those great memories instead of thinking of it as the year you didn't have a tree! Good call on getting the tree!