Monday, January 14, 2008

My attempt at painting

Sloan's puppet girl.

Makayla came over for a visit. The girls always have so much fun together.

There was a patch of ice by the garage that the girls found and they had so much fun sliding around on it.


You would have thought I had never painted a day in my life if you were a fly on the wall last night. The day was definitely working against me. Both girls got into bed late. Then when I finally got started painting it was a disaster. I kept having to remind myself that its been a while. I didn't expect a masterpiece, just a little more than what I did last night. This is going to be a good lesson for me. Keep working or it just gets harder. I am happy with the fact that I painted for almost two hours. Think of all that I could accomplish if I took two hours a day and worked on art.
I am adding a few pics from the weekend and a little paper doll that Sloan drew yesterday.

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sara ferrel said...

Thank you again so much for watching Haylie yesterday, it makes grocery shopping so much easier when you're not hauling a six-month-old teething monster! Sorry she was so pissy... I'm thinking that it might be the bananas that she was introduced to this week thats upsetting her. I didnt give them to her last night and apparently she is fine today.

Tony was laid off yesterday... do you think you could ask Dean to keep an eye out for any job openings? We'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again for yesterday, and thanks again for the cute little cupcake stickers!! I stuck them to my computer at work ^_^