Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remodel Update

Dean had to tape everything off so he could finish cutting out the last two can lights. All the insulation is "blown in" so it's this nasty dusty looking stuff. Not the Pink Panther stuff that is usually laid down in attics now. It's a messy process, and I am thankful I have a husband who is handy enough to do such a job.

Then he taped the ceiling and added the first two coats of fast drying skim coating. He has two more coats of this stuff and then he can texture. The skim coating provides a smooth surface for the texture to adhere to, and covers all the patches and imperfections in the ceiling. It already looks 100% better. Can't wait until it's finished for real.

So here is a little peak of all the nasty stuff that came out of the attic when he was cutting the holes for the can lights.



michelle said...

Okay, I think I see a stove so this is your kitchen?! Where the heck are you cooking/eating? Hope it is done soon!

Artfulife said...

Yep that would be our kitchen. He cleans up every evening. I will be oh so happy when it's all the way finished.

Dana said...

He is a handy guy!!

And, my package arrived today from you. First of all, I was SHOCKED when I opened it. Truly, truly shocked! I absolutely love it and it will be hung in my new craft space tomorrow!

Secondly, thank you so very, very much. I feel lucky to own an original piece by you!!

Thank you Summer!

KKJD1 said...

Looks like too much work for me! Ha! Blessings, Karen