Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little of This & That

I went to take pictures of "First Flight" & realized the painting was all wrong. I almost tossed it in my "didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to" pile. I decided if I didn't fix it now I never would. I realized I was happy with the painting itself, the edges, not so much. The edges were too dark for the rest of the piece. So I am in the process of reworking them. I will still be adding the black. Only as a scalloped edge. Hopefully it will look like the vision in my head.

We shall see.

Picked out the ribbon for the painting. All I need now is the label & a wall hook.

Next couple of projects will be made with all my yummy papers. I'm hoping to share the awesome project I'm working on now very soon.

Dean started our seedlings just a few days ago. Look how cute they are! Can't wait for it to be a little warmer so we can put these in our garden................

& see more of these little knees. Zoe asked specifically that I take this picture. She is my little dirt loving kid. If she had her way she would play in the dirt from sun up to sundown. In the right boot, a little shovel. In the left boot, a rock. I kid you not. I asked her why, she said she was saving that rock for later. 

I'll be using this in our dinner tonight. I'm making my GG's Zucchini Parmesan. It is sooo yummy. Gotta go and get started on dinner. All that amazing spring weather was such a teaser. It snowed off & on all day yesterday. Today has been too cold to do much of anything now that all my little ones (including me) have some sort of nostril issue. Looking forward to some warmer days right around the corner. Hope you all have had a happy Monday.

P.S. Take a peak here for some cheerful Monday goodness!


TaMs* said...

oh that palette is amazing!

Elissa said...

we had zucchini last night too! YUM. love the pics... especially of the paints and the ribbon. fun.....

Courtm said...

Love your blog! the artwork and seedlings are amazing!