Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh my Goodness!

So I know this really nice gal named Amber over at Simple Sayings. Amber married a nice guy named Ben. Ben and I grew up together in Ocala. Ben's mom used to watch me and my little brother when we were little sometimes. Amber is a sweetheart and just started her own business called Simple Sayings. She also opened her own etsy shop. I love her cute little designs and I am pretty sure she does custom work. Run on over to her blog and say hello & enter her very first giveaway.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Darling! i added her to my favorites!:) Lori

TaMs* said...

Ohh.. I'll have to go check her out.
And as for making cannoli, it was simple.. just time consuming. The shells were a bit tricky because you had to fry them wrapped around forms (this is where my husband stepped in, I'm scared of grease.) I can send you the recipe!??? you should try. xo