Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

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The girls woke up super early this morning. I made them stay in the room while I slept in the bottom bunk, and they played, for one more hour. Then we all went into the living room where the bunny had left a little basket of treats for my little bunnies! The girls were so eager to look at everything. I think everyone was happy with what they got. The bunny brings just a little candy to our house, he must know that Sloan has diabetes. What a smart bunny! He likes to bring a few special treats that the girls can play with instead.

At breakfast we talked about why we really celebrate Easter. The girls love talking and learning about Jesus. Now we are getting ready for Church. Hope all of you are enjoying your Easter Sunday with family and friends.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

HAppy Easter, Summie! What a wonderful way to start the day at your house. Bunny treats and talking about the true meaning of Easter.:) Lori