Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Down......15 More to go!

I thought I would give you a little sneak peak at the first of the JDRF paintings. I am almost finished with it. I am adding scrap booking paper to the sides and back. I also want to try a technique I have seen some of my favorite artists use. I am going to attempt some glazing with a little paint added after the fact. Jenn of Noodle & Lou is one of these artists who uses this technique. Jenn, thanks for inspiring me to try something new. This is also the first of many projects I am hoping to finish up for Spring to Finish. 

The past two days were spent taking care of sick little ones. It involved a weekend of random barfs (I won't go into detail). So I spent a lot of time snuggling up sick kiddo's and watching my sweetie build my little dream space (he is so amazing). Tonight I was invited to come to a local quilters group. I really enjoyed meeting all the nice ladies of the group. There was so much talent there, I know I will learn so much from them. I look forward to the next meeting. Every month they give a challenge. The challenge for the next meeting, is to make a fabric bowl. I can't wait to learn how.

*I hope you will all come back this Thursday for a super fun Spring giveaway! There are some super yummy items that will be given away to a very lucky winner. 


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Cute painting -- I hope you are all feeling better :)

Jo James said...

Love those little birdie kids!
Hope your little one is feeling better.
I wanna see pics of your new dream space!

jen duncan said...

I love the contrast between his tie and his athletic socks! lol. Way cute.
Kinda freaked me out to see you link to someone with my name! I added her to my 'creative jens' list. :-)

Artfulife said...

Opps! A late night mistake. She's wonderful though isn't she? You both inspire me to push myself a little harder & think outside the box.