Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Much to do

I wanted to take a few pictures of Zoe with her baby. She loves her little Doll. My mum & dad bought it for her on her first Christmas. It was a little more than most dolls but not as much as some. The reason we went with a Madame Alexander doll is because a little girl at the school I was working at had one and Zoe loved to carry it around. They are about the same size as a bitty baby. I adore their little faces with the vintage feel. She is always being such a good mommy with her little doll. Still hasn't named her yet, I'm sure one day she will. Today when she was going down for her nap she dragged her little wooden cradle into our room, wrapped her baby gently in a little blanket, rocked her for a few minutes while she talked in a sing songy voice to her, and then gently put her to bed in that little cradle. Be still my heart! It almost brought tears to my eyes. So I wanted to take some pictures of those little hands with the dirt under the nails (hey what can I say, she likes the dirt too) holding her favorite baby.

Just a little painting I started.

I spent most of the weekend sick and feeling pretty much lousy. I slept and slept and slept some more. It felt good to get caught up on some z's. Now it's time to get back to work on all of the many projects I am trying to juggle. If you are still interested in donating something for the upcoming JDRF auction there is still time. Just email me so I can send you the proper forms. Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have so graciously donated your talents to this worthy cause. 
I will be trying to post as often as possible on the works in progress. They will all be going to the auction, and whatever they don't need will be going to my shop. Dean was such a sweetheart, he sprayed all the canvas' the other night with a primer paint. Now all I have to do is, well, paint my little buns off! Dean and I have kind of a little wager going on. He doesn't think I'll finish very many, 10 maybe 11. I'd like to prove him wrong (a little friendly banter) Do you think I can do it? Wish me luck, I'd like to at least finish 15-20. I'll keep you posted.
Until then.Hope everyone is feeling healthy happy and having fun.


KKJD1 said...

Beautiful pics!

Elissa said...

lovely pics with the doll..... your girls are all so adorable! and love the curls on that work you started... can't wait to see her.

good luck with your auction stuff. i'll have to check in from mike's laptop while i am away :-)

mysteryhistorymom said...

So precious! Oh, the memories... I love it, Summie. Lori

TaMs* said...

the last two "baby" pics are my fav. And that painting... love it.

Vicky said...

I see so much of you and your family in your girls!! They look like little 'dolls' themselves!
Good luck with the Auction! Wish I had something current to offer. Remind me next year when my paint brush is in better 'working order'!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

such a sweet mama! We have a couple well loved babies like that too :)

Have fun painting!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Beautiful little pictures:)

Yes, you can do it!!! Good luck!!

Jenn said...

you can do it:):):) whatever you finish will be perfect...no matter how many:)

love those sweet pics!!! xox...jenn

p.s. oh and that photo from Anthro on my blog was a paper sculpture made from rolled up phone book pages. how cool is that?

sloeginfizz said...

I think you can do 25! But even 5 is a great accomplishment. I love the little lady you have started -- really beautiful and delicate. I can't wait to see the progress.

michelle said...

I have to tell you it is all I can do not to whip out my sewing machine and send a whole wardrobe of clothes for that sweet mama and her baby(the thing stopping me is knowing that kids that age usually lilke their babies naked!) I am a big lover of all things Madame A, probably because my first doll was one too. You are training her to be a true lover of dolls, none of those junky ones! Sweet pics!