Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Little Bologna

I hesitate writing this post for a number of reasons. I never have been a huge fan of bloggers who week after week inundate their readers with a list of complaints. I mean we all have things that can bog us down. It doesn't make sense to share every frustration I have with the rest of the world. I do my best to portray a very realistic view of mine & my little family's day to day life. I just choose to share the happy and beautiful parts of it. Not that I am trying to "hide" the other parts, I just find they are a little less interesting. However things have been a little stressful lately. My little Sloan is having some health problems that are taking some extra time away from other things. She is suffering from several heath issues, her blood work has comeback and she has elevated levels with her autoimmune system. She has been referred to several specialists. Life has been filled with one Dr. visit after another. As a parent I am watching my child suffer joint pain, severe headaches, terrible back pain, dizziness, blurred vision, ear pain, throat pain, unexplained itching on arms and shoulders but no rash is present, mood swings, abdominal pain, chest pain, and fatigue. I am watching my daughter change right before my very eyes. It's scary & I feel so helpless. Sunday evening ended with an ER visit. At church she started looking a little pale, by the end of church her teacher wouldn't leave her until I came out into the hall. She was a little worried by her behavior and how sick she looked. By the time we came home from church she was pale and listless with slowed speech, pain in her right ear and her lips were turning grey and purple. She was shivering and running a fever. Low sugars and keetones were ruled out. She started running a fever and acting irrational. I called her Dr. and asked if I should be concerned or if she thought this might be an ear infection (Sloan suffers from these quite often). She thought it best to bring her in. At the ER they ran tests and couldn't find anything. She had some wax in her right ear but that was it. I've never seen Sloan look that sick before.

Someone dropped by my blog the other day. In one of her posts she mentioned something I had never even heard of before, aspartame poisoning. I thought, what the heck is that? So I googled it. Let me tell you it's scary stuff. Sloan consumes lots of sugar free foods & drinks in her diet. Most diabetics do. There is a list of 92 different symptoms, Sloan is suffering from quite a few that are on the list. The fact is most people who suffer from this poisoning are misdiagnosed as suffering from autoimmune disorders ranging from lupus to MS and a long list of other debilitating diseases. Since Sloan has elevated levels in this blood test that are pointing to one of these diseases, the Dr.'s didn't feel I was crazy.
I was almost to afraid to talk to her Dr.'s about this find, but I did anyway. They are on board to have her tested for this to rule it out before she visits all the other specialists. This could be what's causing all of her pain and suffering, if not then we will take the next steps needed to get to the root of her illness. I am in no way trying to self diagnose my daughter. I do however think that this is a possibility that is too real to ignore. Wouldn't it be wonderful if correcting Sloan's symptoms was something as simple as a change in diet? Eating healthy fresh and whole foods is something we should all be doing anyway.

You can find out more about aspartame poisoning by googling it. There are just too many sites to list.

If you or anyone you know has any further information about this, please feel free to email me. This information is new to me and I am still researching it. Of coarse the people who produce aspartame say it's harmless. To that I say, you are enjoying your multi billion dollar industry way to much to care about the health of individuals. 

Hope everyone is well. I want you to know that I am visiting your blogs & I try to leave comments as I am able. I promise to keep you updated as we find out more about what's going on with my little Bologna. Hugs to you all!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Summie- I will be keeping Sloan in my prayers. Good for you for being an advocate for your child. Often times, we know more than the doctors do. I have found that doctors are good guessers and many times we have to provide them with options they may not have thought of. Don't get me wrong- I really respect doctors, but the older I get the more I realize that the patient needs to be respected too. I pray that Sloan will be on the mend soon and feeling like her old self. It's so hard to watch our little ones suffer! Love ya, dear friend- Lori

Art Nest said...

I am so happy to hear that Sloan's Dr. is going to pursue this possibility - You know I love you both and pray for healing for Sloan and peace for you!

Love, Susannah

PS: It's so nice to know you aren't crazy, isn't!?

jen duncan said...

I've been in the same situation Summer. An internet friend helped us diagnosis TWO different problems with my grandson Caleb who is turning 8 this weekend. When I think of all the hoo-ha the Dr.s wanted to run him through, probably to never figure out one problem in particular, it just almost makes me cry. I told the online friend that when Caleb stands to receive is HS diploma in 2019 he will have her to thank along with the rest of us.
I'm SO HOPING this will be the answer for your sweet Sloan!!

Sharon said...

sloan is such a pretty girl, she looks like she's got a cute personality, i'm sad she's sick. hopefully she'll get better soon!

Jo James said...

**Just a little prayer for sweet Sloan**
I pray the doctors find a quick and easy remedy and that she's back to right in no time.

My mom had serious problems associated with Splenda. And aspertame is already banned at this house on account of it gives Dylan almost immediate headaches. That fake sugar is bad stuff.

Well wishes for a speedy solution♥

marissa said...

wow, you guys have been going through a lot, hopefully they can pinpoint this. It's wonderful how just having little blogs like this can really pass really helpful important infomration

amylouwho said...

I really hope that this can be fixed through diet. I saw a video called "A Poisoned World" about a woman who had been diagnosed with MS and how there is a link between the neurotoxins in Nutrasweet and the MS diagnosis on the rise. Very interesting. Whole and natural is a good way to go. Our industrialized food system is totally screwed up. Can she have stevia, xylitol or Agave nectar? My mother-in-law uses them to sweeten things.

Prayers for you!

michelle said...

You go girl! I feel very strongly that part of our jobs as moms is to be our child's advocate. I also feel we have "mommy instincts" as we call them around here. So you listen to your mom instincts and even if you are wrong you will never be sorry for being as pro-active as you can be. You will be in my prayers too, there is just nothing worse than havign a sick kid and not knowing why. I hope they figure it out soon!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Goodness! I'm so glad that you did share - I will be praying that you and the dr's get to the bottom of all of this. Hugs to you and your Sloan :)

Elissa said...

oh, summer, saying prayers for you guys even as i type this! makes my last week seem like a piece of cake too, so thank you for the perspective (maybe a reason that I needed to have you share this!) hoping and praying that the doctors can get to the bottom of this

hugs to you!