Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Weekend

We watched movies under snugly blankets,

out on the porch.

Went for a nice walk & the girls drew on the driveway with chalk.

We went to the Monterey Sea Aquarium.

It was magical.

Spent time with daddy.

Played with Grandma, Grandpa, aunties and cousins.

It was an amazing weekend. Any weekend with family is. We had so much fun & it was a nice way to spend the 4th. We didn't make it to the fireworks this year, however we listened to them as they went off in the distance. Monterey was a blast. Aris was giggling and so excited the whole time. Zoe loved looking at the fish & Sloan was excited to be hanging out with Kimberly. Kimberly is cool because she's 12 going on 21. Thankfully Kimberly is kind enough to let Sloan tag along. I was able to get to know my sister in law a little better. She is a sweetheart and an artist also. I look forward to seeing her and her sweet little pumpkin again.

This weekend Dean and I are going to be cleaning & organizing the house. Inside & out. I am hoping to post some art projects I have needed to finish up. Really in truly I work on stuff & then forget to post pictures. Shame on me.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'll post some pics of the shed update. Cross your fingers for me please, Dean said he's going to work on it!


Rafael's Mum said...

Hi Summer, I love reading your blog and am glad things have evened out on the food side and it's helping a bit.

thanks for the weekend photos, those aquarium photos are spectacular!

one thing I wanted to say is about your player... because it is not working (everybody has this problem) it makes it very hard to load your site. It keeps trying to load the player (and not succeeding) and when it does that it nearly crashes my system (when the screen goes milky white...) so I am almost scared to visit! I have deleted mine for the same reason and gone mixpod. Just in case you didn't know and it loads fine with you! Hope you don't mind me saying..

Great site!

michelle said...

Looks like such fun! I have those exact same pictures of the jellies at Monterey from when we went just before we moved last year. I am so glad Sloan is feeling better. You have me thinking more about anything sugar free I consume around here too.