Friday, September 18, 2009

Last of Summer, First of Fall

Aris really enjoyed it this year. It is amazing what a difference a year makes.

Zoe & Dean

Our second year of going to the Great Reno Balloon Races. We woke up early and got there as the sun was coming up. This year was a little overcast but it was still so magical watching all of the balloons go up into the air. Kinda makes you feel like a kid again. Come on, who doesn't like hot air balloons?

Grandpa Erick

Grandma Cindy

Little Miss Hotsa-mot-sauce in her socks and "waffle" shoes as she likes to call them. This girl has suddenly become obsessed with belts and socks. It cracks me up. Oh ad if I let her she would wear mittens everywhere. I'm not kidding you.

Sweetest guy I know

Erick & Cindy

I thought I would share the last of the b-b-q pictures. Life has been good to us. So grateful for so many good memories. The b-b-q was a great way to end the summer & the balloon races were a great way to start the fall.


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fun day, Summie! Love the pictures! Lori

Vicky said...

I LOVED the Hot Air Balloons picture. You and Dean had a good one, too! I understand Zoe and the mitten thing; well, at least the 'being obsessed' with such items!!

michelle said...

WE missed the Balloon festival here this year. First time in a long time, we even went in CA. But it was the same weekend as our high school reunion and other big events so we didn't make it. Your pictures really make me miss it. It is absolutely magic!

Elissa said...

great pics! there are a couple balloon festivals around here that we always say we are going to make it to, but have yet to do so! i love it!

Ruth said...

What a great day!! It sounds like a lot of fun. When we went to Florida we could see the hot air balloons each morning going up. We loved to watch them.


art nest said...

Seeing pictures like this makes me miss you all even more - Wish we lived close~