Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snuggle Bugs

Snuggle Bugs Zoe & Aris

There has been a whole lot of this going on. Tons of snuggling and cozy days spent playing with blankets & toys. Three girls all piled into one chair to watch a movie. How else should we spend our days when it's cold & rainy & snowy outside? The days are staying light out longer, & pretty soon winter coats will be packed away & replaced with warm sweaters and rain boots for playing in the mud. The girls are excited to help daddy with planting the garden. So fun that they are already asking about this. I'm excited for days filled with outside play. The fresh air will do all of us wonders I'm sure of it. Until then I'll soak up every snuggle bug moment because once spring is here days like this are few & far between.

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Matt, Kenna and Hannah said...

We are enjoying a bit of snuggling ourselves. Love your pics!