Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sometimes all it takes is a little bubble wrap to keep these little hands busy. It always amazes me how little they need to be happy. When Sloan was little I thought she needed tons of toys to keep her happy. Many hours of her young life were spent in front of the television, thinking that would keep her happy. I really didn't know how to be a parent back then. Looking back I feel so sad that I missed out on so much with her. Since having Zoe & Aris I have tried to do things differently. Although I am not a perfect parent by any means, I am way more comfortable being a mom now than I used to be. I feel more at ease allowing my kids to pop bubble wrap or make animals with their food. I understand the importance of playing in dirt & exploring. I don't mind if they want to play mermaid in the tub for two hours. I realize that most stains will come out with a little spray-n-wash. If they don't oh well. I relish the fact that my kids would much rather me play with them for even a short time than to get a new fancy toy or watch a television program. I wish I could turn back the clock & do things over with Sloan. Better. I guess these are the regrets we earn as parents. After all none of my kids have come with instructions yet. All I can do is keep praying that tomorrow I'm a better mother to my girls than I was today. Maybe, just maybe, I can look back when I am old and grey & not feel those pangs in my heart. The pain of, "If I had just done this or that, I missed out on so much!" I hope I never feel that way. So until then I plan on soaking it all up, even the moments of popping bubble wrap.


Elissa said...

no matter what we may have "missed" or messed up along the way, we'll learn from it, our kids will learn from it and we'll all grow together. that first born takes a lot of heat, i think. no matter when he/she comes in your life. it just the first time you're doing ALL of it. you'll just be hitting your stride by the time the little man shows up! ;-) just don't feel guilty when you have to use the tele a little more again! ;-)

hugs to you and those beautiful girls, dear...

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Summer,

My son is so happy with just a big cardboard box....he can entertain himself for hours! You are dont need a lot of fancy toys.

It is hardest with the firstborn...we are just getting the hang of mothering. Try not to feel guilty! Look how lovely Sloan is turning out!



summergibbs said...

Sorry to stalk, but I just had to leave a comment because I saw your comment on CJane's blog. My name is Summer and my daughter's name is Sloan....that's weird that they're both such unique names and we both have/used them! Anyway, sorry for creeping you out!

Lilla P said...

Love the fabric! Where do you buy it?
I was so surprised when I got a comment from you I just had to go to you again. I read you every week.

Elise said...

So, so true...I have even had to pray that I wouldn't want to spend so much time on the computer, because I don't want my childrens' memories to consist of me sitting in front of the computer saying, "Just one more minute..."
Oh, I got your etsy convo-thank you so much. I just haven't hardly returned any emails, etc. You know something else that I found interesting as I read it. I once knew a girl from church named Summer and her little girl was also named Sloan. What are the chances??
Hope you have a great week!!