Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early Morning Painters

Mommy can I paint?

Is always met with such hesitation & joy.

Hesitation because I know just how much fun they will have making a mess, I mean art. They are both covered in paint. My bathroom sink is also.

Joy because they love it so much. Because I love the look of determination on their faces as they mix paint. I love the way their chubby little hands take such care in each brushstroke. I guess a little part of me hopes that one day they will love art just as much as I do. In the end it's worth it. Always is & always will be.


Elissa said...

i always have to "force" myself over the mess bit. it's not that i mind them making it, it's more the cleaning up part! but, you're right. always worth it.

Firefly Hill said...

Right now my son is into making "claymation" movies. It involves lots of clay bits all over the kitchen and on the floor. It is a little messy but I am so glad he wants to be creative. You are is all worth it in the end.



p.s. the girls are so adorable. They are really growing up aren't they?

Veeda said...

painting with your kids is fun . . . and yes messy. I appreciate how you're sharing your love of art with your girls!