Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paint With Me Thursday

Hooray! I made it!

Last night I worked on my next card for ::here::

A sneak peek at some of the possible color choices

I have been so tired with this pregnancy. After a day of cleaning up the house (a never ending battle around here) & then getting the kids into bed I am ready to go to bed myself. I'm glad to have this challenge to be a part of. A good friend of mine is an amazing artist. He commented on Facebook yesterday how he had gone to work all day long & a list of other things he worked on in the afternoon at home with his family. At the end of his status update he said how he was heading to his studio to work on art. It gave me that jolt of creative energy I needed. I sometimes forget I'm not the only parent/artist who works and helps out all day only to find myself ready to sleep at the end of the day. Surrounding myself with other creative people is a huge motivator. His little reminder gave me the nudge I needed to get something accomplished. I should be self motivated however sometimes I think it's okay to gather that extra bit of creative energy from other until you are back in the game again.

Although I won't be able to show you the finished card until next month, I take comfort in the fact that I worked on art last night. Can't wait to work on the card tonight. Look forward to seeing what everyone else has done for their


The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats on your new pregnancy! Do you know the gender yet?

Feather said...

oh the suspense! i look forward to seeing the new card.
your words ring so true to my heart. creativity feeds the soul, and being surrounded by other creative souls keeps my mind sharp and focused. i'm so glad you're joining me on this...

amylouwho said...

I have been so tired the pg too. Is it the other 2 I'm chasing around that makes me so worn out? Or lugging around 30 extra pounds all day long?