Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Journals

The other day Dean & I were heading to one of the 3 inspections we had at the house we are in the process of purchasing. All of his spiral notebooks have been hijacked by one of our three little ones. The pages filled will cute drawing, scribbles and pen marks. Poor guy. I can understand the frustration of not having what you need when you want to use it. So I ran into Walmart & picked up 5 old school notebooks. They were a dollar each & I thought, hey, I'm so good! What a bargain. Now my hubby can have all the crispy lined goodness he wants.

We went to the inspection & scribbled a few things down in one of the notebooks. Only later when we got home and the girls freaked out about all of the new notebooks did I find out the truth. Dean hates those kinds of notebooks. Nope, won't touch em. He only likes the "spiral" kind. So guess who got fresh crispy lined goodness that evening? All three girls.

You would have thought they won the lottery! I told them that we were doing something a little different with these. Once they heard the proposed idea everyone was pretty excited.

Art journals. Yup. No random page scribbles, unless they want to that day of coarse. It's been a fun way for me to listen to the little ones talk about what they were thinking when they were creating. Sloan has really gotten creative with her entries. We don't get to them everyday, but my goal is to have one notebook filled for each kiddo, every year. There are 100 sheets, 200 pages, so I feel it's pretty doable. Wouldn't it be fun to have an art journal for each one of them through the years? I think it would be a neat memory to give them when they are grown and have kids of their own.


metallipreziosi said...

What a fun projects! They are lucky to have a mum like you :)

Vicky said...

Great Idea! Mine have a spiral notebook each to practice alphabet but I find more pics of roly-poly people in them than anything!!

Feather said...

those are the notebooks that we live by! each kid has, like, five. they are all over the house. we modge podge beautiful covers on them with beautiful papers and use them for journalling, writing, scrapbooking, list making, witch name it!
my kids love a fresh, new notebook. it's worth hours of entertainment! enjoy your new art journals and the drawings your kids will produce!

Elissa said...

oh, i can never monitor all this with mine, but i do so love the idea! i have to settle for just a collection of random, since pretty much everything around here is random! i do love me a notebook though, spiral or not :-)

Sharon said...

what a cool idea! i have to agree with dean though, i only like the "spiral ones" too, are you going to post some of the girls' creations?

Jen said...

I LOVE this idea. Really love it. It will be so fun for you, and them, to look back at these years from now. I love writing kids words with their artwork. I might steal this idea. If so, I'll give you the linky credit.