Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 weeks

June 2009

This was taken right after Zoe fell in the little lake we went fishing at. We had warned her several times to not dangle her legs over the water but she just couldn't resist. She ended up in the water. It would have been much worse if Dean hadn't immediately pulled her out.

I feel a little like the above photo. Like I could just sit down and cry while I pound my fists and kick my legs. Just a little temper tantrum. Please don't think I am ungrateful for all the blessings we have in our life right now. I guess I'm a bit overwhelmed & haven't had enough sleep over the past week. I miss our routines. I feel so out of sorts in this new house. I still have a ton to unpack & put away. When my house is not in order I feel out of order too. I know everything will be back to normal very soon. So I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.

It's been so cold here. I'm not talking a little breeze, nope, like in the low 30's. Oh and did I mention that it has snowed on and off all weekend? Hailed too. I keep waiting for the warm weather to show up & I think it's being pretty stubborn. The upside to all of this nice cold weather is I haven't been miserable due to hot weather during this pregnancy.

I'm HUGE right now! Only 3 weeks to go. I'm finding it harder to do the things I would like to do. Bending over to clean a cabinet is pure torture at the moment. I keep plugging away in the hope that all this movement will help move things along. The baby is kicking like crazy these days & I'm trying to savor these last few weeks of this pregnancy. I think it has been easier for me to enjoy this one knowing it's my last. I am so excited to meet this little guy. It's always fun to see whom they favor. Plus little baby boys always look like old men to me. It will be fun to finally meet him.

I'm dying to share some photos with you. As soon as I find my camera cord I will post them. I think I know where it is but I'm not quite sure. This could take a while folks. I hope not too long. Sorry to be such a grouch in this post. I'm sure some will blame it on hormones. I do think I'd feel this way even if I wasn't pregnant. Really in truly life is amazing. I'm sure I'll feel back to my peppy positive self once we are all back in the swing of things. Hugs to you all. Hope you have had a great weekend!


Elissa said...

even in the midst of that you sound like your peppy positive self :-)

i can't imagine how overwhelming and out of sorts things are right now and with another one on the way so soon! deep breath and one thing at a time, right? ;-)

Vicky said...

I'm with you, Summer. If my house isn't in order I don't feel right! I hope the next three weeks are good to you and your family!

Feather said...

i'm just impressed you're still cleaning low cabinets! that is a lot of work to be in the midst of so close to delivery. you're doing well, girlfriend!

Susannah @ Art Nest said...

now I'm going to imaging Omri looking like Benjamin Button or something...

Ruth said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. It is hard to move into a new house and unpack. You lose all routines. In addition you are so close to your due date and that adds to the pressure.