Sunday, June 13, 2010

Growing Season

Our Garden

One of the first projects Dean started when we moved to the new house was the garden. We have had an amazingly long & chilly winter. The weather is just starting to warm up over the past two weeks. The warm weather is just delicious. Dean bought little gardening gloves for the girls and they help him out as often as their little attention spans allow. I sit back and watch. I'm looking forward to making lots of yummy things to eat with all of the bounty we harvest.


mysteryhistorymom said...

How wonderful! What are you planting, Summie? And are you resting??? I think the wee one will come next Saturday. Sorry to make you wait!

Elissa said...


Cordwood Cabin said...

Yay for spring gardens and tiny green thumbs!! And in answer to the question, yes we did make that little house ... I glued the tiny log ends all over the outside to make it an "authentic-looking" cordwood cabin (it was our Christmas gift to the kitties).