Thursday, September 23, 2010

6 More Weeks

My new cast

The last one was on for 5 weeks. You can read about how it all happened ::here:: & ::here:: This 2nd cart will be on for 6 weeks. Thankfully it's healing properly & at this point won't need surgery. The Dr. did warn me of the possibility of a third cast. Yes you read that correctly. Scaphoid fractures can take forever to heal & if they don't heal a rod has to be inserted in the hand. I'm really hoping to avoid that if possible. It was a huge relief to realize the uncomfortable pain was real & not just in my head. This cast is longer & it is already easier to pick Omri up and hold him. I have so many paper ideas I'd like to turn into art. A few more cards to finish for this ::site:: Everything is on hold. It's hard for me to grip with my left hand. You should see me change a diaper right now. Pretty hilarious. I can still paint though. I'm working on two giant wooden pumpkins for a local pumpkin patch up the road. I'll share those with you when they are done. Also have a couple of ideas I'm working on & hope to share very soon. Just trying to get back into the swing of things. The wind has been a little knocked out of my sails. Just have to rethink & reevaluate my art & how it fit's into family life. I'm aware things will get back to normal soon.

In the mean time I'll be snuggling up this little man. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I saw Mitzi on Wed. and she told what she knew...I was hoping you wouldn't have to have surgery, so in a way, I am glad you still have a cast so that you can fully heal!!


Elissa said...

oh my, he is SOOOOOOOCUTE!

hope you don't have to have surgery too. i had a metal rod in my leg for a couple years. still, it did keep me from needing a cast....

i'm amazed that you are doing ANYTHING!! can't wait to see the pumpkins. hugs!

mysteryhistorymom said...

6 more weeks. sigh.... But look at sweet Omri. He could put a smile on anyone's face.:) Lori

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Hope things heal up quickly.

Paula Prass said...

I just found your blog today and wanted to share with you when I broke my arm and shoulder exactly 2 years ago. While trying to locate the posts on my blog I found this and peed my pants re-reading it. See, it's true; we'll look back on this and laugh!

september 24, 2008
On a humorous note (not to be confused with humerus, which is not funny) I needed to be presentable this weekend when no one was available to help me. I literally dripped water on my hair with my right hand, then leaned my head as forward as I could go and threw Velcro rollers at my hair, since I certainly can't be trusted with a flat or curlling iron. Once the rollers made contact I tried to arrange and manipulate them, it worked better than I imagined. Maybe I'll do a video tutorial? Oh, but do they even still make Velcro rollers anymore?

Hope this cheers you up a bit, but don't pee your pants laughing, cuz you know how hard they'd be to change.