Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colonial Dress Re-due

Front of dress

Sloan came home a few weeks ago and told me about her colonial day that was coming up. She also told me she would need a dress for that day & that she didn't want to be a peasant. She wanted to be an aristocrat. Where does she come up with these things? You can imagine my delight when I found this vintage dress at a yard sale last week. The lady at the sale wanted $5 for it. I offered her $5 for two dresses & a groovy pant outfit. It took a little convincing but she went for it. I have no problem dickering. I start low and I'm willing to go up if I really want something. I knew I didn't have enough time to make a cute dress from scratch so this would have to do.

Back of dress

It was a little too long for her so I gathered it up on both sides to add a puffy look. Then I cut up two skirts I had bought years ago. They never fit properly but I loved the plaids. I stitched around the sides and sewed all three together at the top. Did I mention I started this the night before her big day? So I didn't have enough time to rip the back of the dress apart and attach the bustle properly. I just attached it to the back on the outside.

Front of dress

Then I took the different layers and attached them with several stitches on both sides. I made sure I did it in such a way that it allowed the fabric to have a balloon look. However I needed to hide said stitches. Hum? Almost midnight and not many options in the sewing basket. I grabbed the silky blanket binding tape that I've had for years. Cut it up & made it into bows.

Back of dress

It's not perfect. Seriously, don't look to closely or you might see just how quickly I threw it together. Sloan loved it. That made it all worth it. Her favorite part? The poofy butt :)

The bustles

We "powdered" her hair with white flour.

All that was left to finish the look was to put on her makeup & powder her hair. Remember she wanted to be an aristocrat not some lowly peasant, lol. Yes that is here real mole, not one I put on ;) I explained the history of wigs and powdered hair & how only the wealthy could afford it. She looked so adorable! I guess the kids at school made fun of her white hair. They said she looked like an old lady.

Sloan with her teacher

On colonial day she had a blast making yarn dolls, butter, playing colonial day games and a few other activities from that period in time. All of the 5th graders had learned a colonial dance over the last few weeks and performed it for the parents that morning. They all did a great job. Sloan is so happy at her new school. I can't even tell you how grateful Dean & I are for her new teacher. She comes home happy everyday from school. She is also making better grades. Great teachers make such a difference! 

I'm hoping to take the other dress I bought at the same time and make it into a medieval style dress. It's bright red velvet with an empire waist. Super tacky but I think it could become another fun dress re-due. Maybe for Halloween? Who knows :)


mysteryhistorymom said...

Sloan looked so darling! You did an amazing job, Summie! Wow! Lori

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

She looked so cute! You did a great job. And way to go Sloan!!

I think the poofy butt is my favorite. I should have been born in that time so I could be adored for my poofy butt!! :)


Elissa said...

wow! amazingly creative. i wish my poofy butt was my favorite thing around here ;-)