Monday, September 27, 2010

Outta Control

Room #1

The bookshelves overrunneth 

& spillith over

time to cleaneth this mess!

Room #2

This is my daughters idea of clean

(insert smile with slight twitch here)

It's outta control people!
I'm hoping that the improvements we made this weekend will really help with all this clutter. The proof is in the pudding I guess. Whatever that means.


Elissa said...

i think even that looks cleaner than my house right now. if your pudding has less clutter, i'll be asking for the recipe. ;-) whatever THAT means.

feather said...

books are an amazing thing. and if you look at that clutter as a cluster of knowledge...maybe you can appreciate it more? i mean, it could be worse. it could be like, pizza boxes piled up or something...

An Art Nest said...

you just made me not feel so bad - we are living in a cave of clothing...but I must say my sanity is more important than a perfect house sometimes -