Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spooky Halloween Hallway Makeover

"Spooky entryway" before

So here it is folks. Behold the ever so stylish entryway. If only I wasn't joking. Eventually the popcorn ceilings will be scraped throughout the whole house, can lights installed & this gosh awful flooring replaced. Don't even get me started on the cheep textured wallpaper. Gag. But for now it will have to do. 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas are my most favorite holidays. I love decorating for these holidays but Halloween most of all. There is something fun about being able to decorate with orange, black, green, & purple and no one gives you funny looks.

I know this wreath is too tiny for my door but I still love it. I plan on making something bigger for next year. I really wanted to make a fun entryway on a dime. This year I bought a table runner for $9, a cute plate for $4, & a fancy bowl dish for $4. I figure if I just buy a few favorite things each year eventually I will have a nice collection of holiday items I love. I also try to buy items that can work for both Halloween & Thanksgiving. 

"Spooky Entryway" after

Please don't mind that pile of laundry in the background. Or that hideous fireplace for that matter.

Our little Halloween tree I got on clearance from Pottery Barn a few years back. The kitty basket is from Target & the Halloween lolly I won last year from the talented Sweet B! Gingham mini runner I whipped up the night before out of some fabric I bought from an interior designer that was cleaning out her stash. I bought it years ago so I can't remember the exact price but I want to say for around $2. I finished the edges off with a strip of vintage sewing measuring tape to add a pop of yellow.

I made the flag garland with the same black & white gingham & added a vintage orange fabric with witches to the top. 

My kitty I bought years ago at Target. She's probably one of my favorites.

On the other side of the hallway we have the gallery of "Spooky things"!

I wanted to make the kids a big part of the decorating process this year. Dean bought all these frames at a yard sale a few years back for $1 each thinking that I might be able to use them someday. Sadly they have sat in our garage ever since. I thought wouldn't it be fun to create a gallery wall where the girls can draw "spooky bones" as the girls like to call ghosts, and I can hang their drawings inside these frames. We will add drawings as often as they feel. 

"Spooky bones" by Zoe

My hope is that by Halloween we will have quite the frightening gallery!

& just for fun I thought I'd share this little gaggle of dress up birdies I'm working on. I hope to have them in my shop next week. What are some of your Halloween traditions? Do you love the holidays as much as I do?

Swing on by tomorrow. I'll be sharing my pillow project I'm finishing up tonight.

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Vicky said...

Very, Very Cute, Summer! I love the gallery wall and LUCKY YOU getting one of Sweet B's treats! Ahhh, I'm so jealous!!!

Erin said...

I love how the hallway turned out!!!! It's so pretty and Halloweeny. :)

PS - Your music scared me out of my chair!! LOL

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Where do I begin?! I love everything! That little Halloween tree is so cute. My absolute favorite is the giant black cat on the floor... oh my goodness! The gallery is such a clever idea. Great work!