Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sloan goofing around waiting for the doctor

We flew to Vegas yesterday, just Sloan & I. As soon as we touched down a taxi took us to her appointment. We have been trying to get her into this specialist for 2 years now & she was worth the wait. What an amazing Doctor. Not only did she spend a whole hour with Sloan, she immediately found swelling in Sloan's joints. Something other doctors haven't been able to do. The bad news is that she has arthritis & will be starting medication right away. The good news is that she doesn't think its rheumatoid. That is a blessing. 

So what comes next? Well Monday I will take her in for a series of x-rays that will show any bone deterioration that has happened due to the arthritis. Depending on the severity of damage the Dr. will put her on a more powerful medication. I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that. I am just happy to have this Dr. on our side. She was wonderful with Sloan. You can tell she really loves what she does & wants to see her patients feeling better. Our prayers were answered.

The whole day went pretty smoothly. I am so grateful for Sloan's insurance. It paid for everything, even the flight & taxi rides to & from the airport. I'm also grateful for my sweet friends Trisha & Tara. Trish watched Omri all day long. That was a big deal. Tara was so sweet to watch Zoe & Aris. She was a life saver! 

The only bummer about the whole day was the fact that I started feeling sick when we got to Vegas. By the time we were boarding the plane to head home I had a full on sinus infection with a sore throat to boot. Adding insult to injury Omri woke up screaming for a few hours in the early morning & Zoe decided to joint the party by throwing up three times. Sometimes I feel like I'm not a mom at all but a nurse! Lol!!! Thankfully Zoe is feeling much better today. I did put the girls down for a nap & I'm hoping the extra sleep will help. Omri on the other hand woke up this afternoon with a low grade fever. I think he might be teething but you never know. Hoping to catch a nap in just a minute. Well that and overdose on some vitamin C. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


An Art Nest said...

I'm so, so happy for Sloan! A good doctor (or nurse ;) can make all the difference in the world. I am so happy! I have a small xmas gift for her...I need your new address! And I'm waiting for the quilt tutorial!

Elissa said...

so glad about this appointment... praying this MD continues to be a helpful contact.

and i know what you mean about illness. we have been hit with both a nasty chest cold and tate with the barf bug all in the last couple weeks. never fun. one does begin to wonder when we moms will just get to SLEEP ;-)

jend said...

Summer! This makes me so happy. Sloan will be in our prayers that there is no bone damage, but it feels so wonderful to have a Dr. the cares so much and was able to find what others haven't. Please continue to keep us posted!

And please don't feel like you are alone in the nurse world...we keep hand sanitizer in business in this household, yet one of us is always down with something...especially this time of year! Feel better soon!!!