Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where it's At

If you need me I'll be working here. At this table. For the next few days. Weeks, or however long it takes me to finish up two illustrations, a couple blankets and whatever else is on my long list of "Things to do". The point is I have a usable space. The downside is all the crafty junk that was piled on top of my work spaces is now in 3 BIG containers out in the garage. Did I mention I just finished watching all the episodes of hoarders that I have missed. Because of this I felt the need to clean my kitchen, finish some laundry & write a to do list before I go to bed. Not to mention the pile of trash I threw out from our computer desk & I threw away that weird little thing I kept finding on the floor that belonged to Aris car seat but I couldn't figure out how to get it back on. It's finally in the trash. I think I can sleep now. However I will probably have nightmares about piles of rotten food, dead cats & disgusting trash. Hopefully not.

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple pics of the projects that I'm working on.


Elissa said...

i don't have cable. too many people have been telling me about this hoarders show. i think i would be afraid to see it. it might contain pictures from my attic, basement or garage or pretty much every cupboard and drawer.

good luck!

Vicky said...

I CANNOT watch that show for the very same purpose you mentioned....NIGHTMARES!!! However, my husband DESPERATELY NEEDS to watch it!!!