Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home A Work in Progress



I promise to show you an after picture as soon as Dean is done. This entryway is a work in progress. Remember ::this:: post? So things take a while to get done around here. The point is they do eventually get done. I think it makes the space look so much better. Dean also added the two can lights & took down that hideous light fixture that was there before.  Tomorrow he plans on patching, mudding the walls & then adding texture. I just adore him for doing this project. I really wanted this archway & he was like, okay. How lucky can one girl be? The tile will eventually come up & be replaced with something better. The people who did this ahhhhhhmazing tile job didn't know what they were doing. They tiled over vinyl. As you can imagine the tiles are cracking & coming up little by little. The floor is next on our list of things to do in this space. Oh that & a new front door. They will both have to wait because they are big ticket items. I think it's shaping up pretty well don't you?


Elissa said...

LOVE the arch... it's a great little entry space.

and, seriously? tile over vinyl? even **I** would know enough not to do that!

Vicky said...

Looking good, Summer! You're lucky to have a guy that does "Honey Do's"!

Ruth said...

I love your wide archway. We had some very small archways through out our house. Slowly but surely we have opened them up. Now we only have one left. Archways from the 50's are not like the ones from today. My husband barely fits through them.