Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nanoo Nanoo!!!

A spacegirl from another planet???? 

A budding photographer??? 

Dada at it's finest????

Nope just my girl Zoe & her little creative outfit she put on the other morning. This is why I still pick out their clothes. If I didn't my kids tend to look like they've escaped from the orphanage. Really in truly though, how cute are these dress up clothes? I love them. They are made with a nice heavy cotton & it looks like all the stars & spaceships have been hand printed on the fabric. It's hard to find quality dress up that lasts, these are made for heavy play. I know they will be around for the grand kids to play with one day. I actually found them at a yard sale with the tags still on. The hat $1. The pants $1. Wish I had snagged a few more (there were tons of them) so I could give them as gifts at parties. My kids love them & I know little Oblio will enjoy pretending he's a spaceman someday. You can find more amazing Wovenplay goodness ::here::


An Art Nest said...

ah,yes. Why didn't we just buy out the entire sale?!?!

Natalie in Sparks said...

Hey I'm finally checking out your blog. Really cute and great pictures! Your girls are so precious - and that is such cute "self expression" with that outfit!