Monday, January 3, 2011

San Diego Adventures

We had so much fun in San Diego. My only complaint is that our holiday break came to an end much too quickly. I loved spending time with family & dear friends. Once again we were totally spoiled not just with gifts but family time too. Dean & I were even able to go on a date. I was able to work on a project in the evenings when the kids went to sleep. Dean did some work for his mom & Dad & went over the plans for the addition he will be working on. This year is already proving to be a busy one. We have a case of the booger noses making it's rounds & I'm pretty sure Omri is trying to cut his first tooth. It's making for some sleepless nights. 

Even though we have started the year off with the yuckies I'm feeling very positive about the year ahead. We've chosen "Simplicity" as our family motto this year. Dean & I both feel an urgent need to simplify our lives. This means getting out of debt so we can follow the goals we have set for our family. There is so much chaos in the world right now. Our hope is that by slowing down & enjoying the simple things in life family, friends, faith, talents, healthy living, & living debt free, we can live fuller & happier lives. I'm very excited about the goals we've set as a family. What goals have you set for this year?


Elissa said...

oooooo, S! gorgeous photos! love em.

i am still wanting to sit down with mike and have a "goals" sort of talk, but when we are not dog tired.

so, you know, maybe NEXT year ;-) love that you and Dean have talked about this.....

Ruth said...

I have not set all our goals for this year. We really want to be debt free, too. Living simply has been something we've worked towards for a couple of years now.