Friday, February 25, 2011

6th Finish

Happy Anniversary

I Woke up this morning to a TON of snow. I made an executive decision to keep Sloan home from school. Her poor joints are all swollen & it seems like her flair ups are getting closer & closer together. Bless her little heart. She is my sweet little pumpkin, however when her flare ups hit she makes life miserable for everyone. Well she tries. I've been working with her on making better choices even if you aren't feeling well. It's tough. I know how hard it is for me to be happy when I'm feeling lousy. 

Most of the afternoon was spent with a super nice repair man from Charter. Our Internet has been acting up since Christmas. At first it was a little & now it's all the time. It's gotten to the point that we are unable to watch steaming video of any sort. I took our Mac to the Apple store & they said it wasn't the computer. We will be buying an external hard drive next week so we can back up this puppy & then take it in for a better look, just in case. Charter seems to think it's something to do with the old cables. They mentioned a whole lot of computer/tech terms that I didn't understand. It all boils down to one point, it is something on their end & they plan on fixing it. They are coming to change out the old wiring tomorrow or Tuesday. Hopefully that will remedy the situation. Seriously, I'm really missing all my Hulu shows.

Due to all the computer shenanigans I am a little late in posting the finished card. This is my 6th finish of the year. Woohoo! However I need to play a little catchup if I'm going to fit in all 52 projects that I hope to finish. I love seeing all the projects that you guys are finishing. So much talent! Well I'm getting ready to watch a movie while I cut out some patterns. It's too late to start my next illustration that I've sketched out. So I'll work on some sewing until tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

::6 down 46 to go::


Elissa said...

love how you do the stitched card... thanks for the show how! the finished card is lovely!

sorry to hear sloan is having a bad time of it right now. prayers and hugs your way....

The Vintage Sister said...

Hey Summer!
Its's so funny, I've been thinking of doing stitching on some of my paintings and just bought an upholstery needle. Yours is the third blog today that has shown stitching! Great (creative) minds think alike.

Love the pattern for the new quilt. Have you seen the Star Wars quilt at Pottery Barn? Yours will be better:)

Keep warm!

p.s. love the new card!!!

Sharon said...

Cute!! I'm trying to figure out something I can make using your stitching tutorial... hmmmm, I'll have to think on it.
Poor Sloan, I hope she feels better soon!

ps- do you have a list of other bloggers participating in your 52 finishes? I'd love to go check out their projects :)

Vicky said...

How did we EVER live without computers?!!
Very nice card, Summer! So sorry to hear Sloan isn't feeling well. Hope life gets happier, and healthier, for everyone.

blue china studio said...

Such a beautiful card! I really like the more neutral tones with the black.