Saturday, March 12, 2011


Weeds in our backyard

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. Like it's been for the last couple of weeks. Sloan has been suffering so much lately from her arthritis. It's taking a toll on me. Mostly due to the fact that nothing seems to be helping her & no one seems to have answers on how to help. Her Dr. has been amazing & we are starting her on her meds again but my heart feels heavy. It's hard to watch your little one suffer in pain on a daily basis. Isn't daily pain for when we are old and grey? I know she isn't the only young person with health problems so please forgive me for complaining. If I could I'd wave a magic wand and make her troubles go away. Right now Dean & I focus on positive reinforcement with Sloan. We have been encouraging her to look at the positive & find the happiness in each & every day. I know that can be hard when you feel crappy. Hopefully she will chose to look at the sunny side of life when it comes to all of her challenges.

This weekend is my chance to get caught up on unfinished projects. I have two illustrations to finish up, a shelf to paint, laundry to fold & put away. If I'm lucky I might even get to sew. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Look forward to sharing lots of finishes with you next week. Hoping you all have a happy weekend!

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