Saturday, April 9, 2011

8th Finish

I know it's been a while since I've posted a finish. This illustration was commissioned by a dear friend of mine for her newest baby girl. She had purchased the Pottery Barn turtle bedding for the nursery & wanted some art to go along with it. It was a really fun process. The first sketch didn't make it but the second sketch did & this is the finished product.

I found the hardest part of this project was finding just the right papers to use. Once I dialed that in the rest of this illustration went fairly smoothly. I am making another one for the upcoming JDRF Gala. It will have a few variations but I'm keeping it pretty similar. The best part of this who process was the call that I got saying how much she loved what I had sent her. I don't think there is a better feeling than knowing your art has brightened someones day. If you are interested in having an original illustration for you or for someone you love, please let me know.

8 down, 44 to go

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Elissa said...

oh summer! this is so sweet and fun. i love it with the patterned papers. very cool. have you thought about submitting your work for children's book illustrations? it would lend itself so well to that. that would be a fun collaborative project! i'll write a book, you illustrate it.