Monday, May 9, 2011

One Mans Trash.....

Is another kids treasure.

I've been wanting one of these riding horses for the girls for as long as I can remember. I'm grew up with one. I didn't want a new one & I think that is why I haven't been able to find one yet. I am guessing people hang on to them & pass them down generation to generation. That or they use them until they fall apart. It's been very hard to find one of the vintage variety. You can imagine my surprise & delight when I saw this little guy in a garbage pile while taking Sloan to school one morning. She begged me not to stop until after I'd dropped her off at school. Someday she won't care about finding treasures in other peoples trash but for now I obliged. On our way home I did the slow drive by aka::the I'm checking out your junk to see if I want it before I get out of my car & make a fool of myself drive by. Then the owner of the garbage pile came out of his house. Maybe he thought I was a robber. Who knows. I probably did look a little suspicious. I was so excited when he said yes. He got a twinkle in his eye talking about how all his grand kids had used it. Sadly none of them wanted it for their kids. He was so happy that I had two little ones that would get some more use out of the little horse. I love that it has a history. I love that it was free. If we lived in the Toy Story Movie this little horse was saved from an untimely demise at the landfill. I plan on writing the girls names on his hoof. Now he will enjoy all his cowboy & princess adventures with my kids for years to come. I'm sure he is full of wisdom & bestows it on the other outdoor toys. That's a good thing because they are a rowdy bunch (especially the sandbox toys). Keep em in line Rough Rider, keep em in line.


Kay said...

this post made me remember my Black Beauty. He was a wooden horse on rockers..I loved him so and wish I had him still.Have fun with Rough Rider.

Susannah :: An Art Nest said...

ok. I have to tell this story.

When Jolie was just 8 months old, her grandparents bought a vintage horse like this - but it was one of the BIG big, that in fact, I thought it might hold me up while enjoyed a reminiscent gallop in the living room.

When the springs shot off in 8 different directions and my ass was on the ground, I realized my horse-riding days were officially over.

my advise - Don't try to ride it, Summer - just resist the urge!

Artfulife said...

Zana you crack me up!