Monday, July 18, 2011

17th Finish

My sweet cousin Brooke got married this weekend. It was a beautiful & perfect day. I even had the honor of being their photographer for the day. I'll be posting photos very soon. Brooke's theme for her reception was lovebirds. Here colors were black& white & red. She had seen pictures of a beautiful reception where there were small cards with birdcages & facts about lovebirds. She asked me if I would be willing to make some for her.

My aunt Colleen (Brook's mom) sent me the 10 facts she wanted on cards & this is what I came up with. Here you can see what the front & the back of the cards looked like. My hope is that she can also use them on her Christmas tree for years to come. I used a thick stock watercolor paper for the front & glued a pretty scrapbook paper to the back. I started by doing a light acrylic wash to give them a vintage look. Then I sketched out all of the birdcages & lettering. Next I painted all the birdcages & hand painted the lettering also. I added red hearts to all the i's :) The perfect touch of red. I finished them off by adding a champaign colored ribbon so they could be tied to the tree.

Here they are hanging on the lovebird tree. I hope she enjoys them. They were so very fun to make. I even had someone request to make some paper ornaments for the upcoming holiday. If I can get my act together I might even add some of them to the shop.

17 down, 35 to go


Vicky said...

These are beautiful! Absolutely LOVE the tree! What a fantastic accent for a wedding! Congrats to your family. T and C's nest is finally emptying!!

christilee said...

These are really awesome!!!

Artfulife said...

Thanks guys!