Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skate Park Afternoon

Like Father, like son. How funny is that? They both are making the same scrunchy eye face. I couldn't have planned that if I'd wanted to. 

About a week ago we headed to the biggest skate park for a little afternoon fun. I'm sure in bigger cities this park would have been overrun with kids. It was surprisingly empty.

It allowed the girls free reign to scoot around to their hearts content. 

Oblio had some fun on his little scooter as well. 

Isn't is crazy just how much they look alike?

We've been trying out different skate parks in Sparks & Reno. So far this is the third one we've gone to & it's Deans favorite. I'm pretty sure it's the largest skate park we have. The girls loved it. Zoe loves to try & follow the big boys around & if she could she'd do all the tricks they do. Dean helped Omri with his scooter. There was a storm moving through & we had a view of the most amazing skies. I love stormy weather. It reminds me of Florida weather when I was growing up. These family outings are always so much fun. Sometimes I really don't feel like going. I know there are so many things I could clean or get caught up on if Dean just took the girls. In the end I never regret taking time out of my day for moments like these.

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rae said...


I feel like I've fallen off of the face of the planet, sorry I haven't called. Miss you and love getting to peek into your life. ;)

You guys are waaaay cooler than us, a skate park family?! The coolest level we've attained is the family bike-ride (matching family helmets anyone?!!) - geekster! lol.

And i'm so sorry about Miss Sloan and her diabetic episode. How scary for are such a good Mom. That post made me cry.

Just wanted to say hi!