Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sweetest of the Sweet

Zoe' first breakfast she ever made

Life has been more than a little crazy lately. I dare not even whisper the words "seriously, what else could happen" for fear of something really crazy taking place. Life is like that though. I think it's Gods way of toughening us up for the hard road ahead. And by that I mean it's just a feeling I have in my gut. That pang in my heart that tells me life is only going to be harder as the years go by. With that being said I believe when life sends tough things your way the good times are that much sweeter. I'm so grateful for so many sweeter than sweet moments that have taken place during the last month of craziness. Here are just a few things that have put a smile on my face. Sure there are more times than pictures allow but I'm sharing what I was able to catch on camera. The rest will have to settle for being kept close to my mind & my heart.

 Dean & I woke up to this loverly breakfast Zoe made us one Saturday. Who wouldn't want peanut butter & jelly on sourdough, salad & strawberries for breakfast? & look how cute Oblio's breakfast is! A banana & crackers. She thought of everything right down to the "treat" a candy for each of us. Love it!

We just switched Sloan from the back bedroom to the new room. I am so excited that we now officially own a home with 4 bedrooms. In some places that would be considered a mansion. Add to that the fact that we have beds for every family member, heat, running water, indoor plumbing & food in our fridge........we are rich! Truly we are in so many ways.

Since we added on the extra room Omri took Sloan's old room. 

Can you tell he's loving it? 

I think the smile says it all. 

I love watching him play. I have been working on actually sitting down with my children lately. I know that may sound silly. I've found when I do that they almost always make a bee line for my lap. Especially this little guy. He's the best snuggler of all my kids. He's really sick today. All the kids are. I'm so grateful that I am able to stay home with them. Not every mom is so lucky to have a husband that works so hard so I can be here with our littles.

Here she is! The bravest girl I know. She had her tonsils & adenoids removed on Monday. Why is this a "sweet" thing?  The Dr. said her tonsils were huge & very infected. Because of this she has been suffering from an almost constant sore throat for who knows how long. Add that to her joint pain & headaches, I am guessing this is part of the reason she's often so grumpy. I think she has felt crappy for quite a while. The Dr. felt this would improve how she felt 100%. That's worth all the pain she has to go through over the next 2 weeks. Although I'm sure she doesn't feel the same, she's been a trooper.

My dear friend Christy came over the other night & helped me baste the two quilts I've been working on. These quilts are huge! It really was a 2 person activity. I couldn't have done it without her & I am forever grateful for her coming to my rescue. With all the goings on I haven't had a chance to start quilting them. My hope is that tomorrow everyone will be feeling better so I can get started on them. I'd love to have them finished up by this Friday so I can do all the hand sewing this weekend.

So there it is folks. The sweetest things that have been filling my heart with happiness lately. 

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