Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Days

These past few weeks have been very busy. We've all been taking turns getting sick. Almost 3 weeks of Sloan spilling ketones about did me in. After two ER visits & several Dr. visits later we met with the pump people to rule out pump issues. It all boiled down to her ports. They were kinking. Like every time. Nothing they had ever seen before. So now she has new infusion sets & they are working very well. Thank goodness. I've been fighting a sinus/sore throat & thankfully I'm on the tail end of it. Thinking we were almost done with all the yucks, (did I mention Omri had croup?) only to have Zoe wake up this morning running to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth. Never a good sign. Yes the flu has officially made it to our house.

Aside from the yuckies I have been enjoying my time staying home with the kids. I organized all of their rooms & it has really helped when it comes to playtime. The messes are more controlled & that makes me happy!

Aris' side of the closet. Don't you love the dirty walls? We'll be painting them once we scrape the ceilings & finish the walls.

 My goal was to organize their toys so they could see what they have & that the things they play with most are easily accessible. That makes them happy! They basically have to ask for boxes when they want to play with a certain activity. We have a one toy at a time rule & this new organization makes it an attainable thing. I'm fine with them playing with 15 different things in one day if they want. It was just driving me nuts cleaning up heaps of toys. Now we don't have that problem.

Zoe' side of the closet.

The big "pile" is their bin of doll stuff. Everything dolly is in there. They love playing babies & house & the bin used to be hard to get to. Now they can play with dolls to their hearts content & it's super easy for them to clean up. The key being ease of clean up. I love that they are able to learn some responsibility. Clean up time is a little less stressful for everyone.

I love that I get to stay home with these two little mugalugs! Aris is such a great big sister to Oblio.

I'm going to miss her when she starts kindergarten in July. Then it will just be me & my little man.

I'm pretty sure he'll keep me on my toes.


Vicky said...

No denying those kids of yours, Summer! I can see you and your siblings in them. I'm sure your hubby's in there somewhere but since I don't know him well enough to recognize the genetics, well, I'll just say they look like you and your family!! Get well soon!

The Mrs. said...

The flu?? Sheesh! I feel like I will probably never see you again...