Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Past Few Weeks

It's been a busy last few weeks & here are a few pictures to prove it. We loved having family visit two weekends in a row. Getting back into the school routine has been super stressful this time around. I don't remember it being this tough last year. I think it's because the kids are older & are able to roam more freely around the culdesac. The days are longer & it gets harder & harder to coax the kids inside for dinner let alone bedtime while the sun is still in the sky.

We have been fortunate enough to have some really amazingly warm weather. All our fruit trees are blooming & the garden is starting to pop. The girls are begging us to fill the pool. It snowed here a little over a week ago & now it's warm enough to turn on the air conditioner. It is supposed to cool down again this weekend so the pool will probably have to wait. That's Nevada weather for you :)

I have five projects to finish up before Thursday for the JDRF Gala this weekend. These were added on sorta last minute. I will share them with you as I finish them. It's only Monday & it's proving to be a crazy busy week. Wish us all luck!

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Ruth said...

Busy but fun times. We had a much warmer winter than usual. I really need to get working on my garden.