Saturday, May 12, 2012

Before & After

Little Mo & I have been talking about cutting her hair for the past week. 

She went back & forth on the whole idea. 

The weather is getting warm & her hair was getting harder & harder to comb. 

She was waking up every morning with her hair looking like mice had played in it all night. 

& when she came home from school her crazy messy hair (the same hair that looked nice that morning after combing it) made her look like a homeless child. Not to mention the dreadlocks that would creep in from time to time. We talked it over & she decided she wanted to cut it & donate it to locks of love. She told me she wanted the little kids that don't have hair to be able to wear hers. So cute.

So she donated 10" & looks oh so cute. I love my sweet little Mo & I'm grateful she is already very aware of what kindness is & how helping others is such an important part of who we are. She is really enjoying taking a bigger part in fixing her own hair in the morning. I really only have to help her with her part & she does the rest. She's growing up & turning into the sweetest little person. I just love it!


Elissa said...

ah, can you come and convince MY little rats' nest head to do the same? or to at least let me comb it?? ;-)

Mrs. Dixon said...

Summer! I made a new blog on here :) I'm glad I'm back and can see all your lovely pictures. xoxox