Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sunday we stayed home from church. Omri started getting sick on Friday & by Saturday evening he had already barfed & had a diaper that no human being should ever have to smell or change. Ugh. Poor little man. So we stayed home & kind of did a whole lot of nothing. We did manage to watch the eclipse.

The girls played out front in the sprinklers during the eclipse. Omri Dean & I sat out back & I snapped a few pics. It got super cloudy but that actually helped us to see it better. 

Can you see the ring? It's right above the tree kinda to the right. 

In the middle the clouds really rolled in. It was so bizarre how darkish everything got. 

Then the sun peaked through & allowed us to see the sun almost completely covered. Do you see it? So very cool. It really was fun to watch. Got me thinking too. The next eclipse of this kind won't happen for another 25 years. That means I'll be 60. How strange is that? I was ten 25 years ago. I think I was in 5th grade. Now I have 4 kids & a husband, mortgage, & still the same hopes & dreams of that little 10 year old girl. I think for the most part I've lived a pretty happy life. Here's hoping the next 25 are just as happy!

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Natalie in Sparks said...

ok those eclipse pics are awesome!! even though the clouds were covering, we did get a few little peeks too - and you're right it wasn't as bright. It's like the sheer clouds were a filter to look at it. Too bad there were lots of not so sheer clouds though! Since we didn't get the special glasses it was good to have the clouds to protect our eyes! I didn't get nearly as good of pictures though, but I saw it at the same moment you took the last picture and I was amazed! thanks for sharing! It is weird to think we won't see this again for 25 more years.....