Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Day of School & A Winner!

 Guess who had her first day of kindergarten? 


She was so excited to go to school. I had to listen to her ask me for a whole week, "Do I start school tomorrow?" or "Is tomorrow my first day of school?". I finally had to tell her the day after Sunday would be her first day (telling her "next Monday" wasn't cutting it). Then she started telling people she was going to school after church. I had to remind her it would be the day AFTER church. So funny. I only hope she keeps her enthusiasm for education the older she gets.


Mozers started 1st grade this year! I forgot to bring my camera on her first day of school (who does that!!!) but I did snap this photo of her in one of her new school shirts. Are your kids into superhero's as much as mine are? Up until now we've been buying her shirts in the boys section. So happy I found these cute superhero shirts in the girls section at Old Navy. So far she has three different ones. I have to encourage her to wear other things in her closet because if she had her way she'd wear the same three shirts over & over again! Zoe has a male teacher this year & I think she is going to thrive. She really looks up to male role models so they are a perfect fit. It's going to be a great school year for both of them, I can feel it!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the giveaway. I used random number generator to pick the winners. Congratulations to::

Lori of Mystery History Mom
& Jamie of The Mrs.!!!!

Lori I'll be contacting you for your addy & Jamie I'll bring yours to church, lol!

Thanks for telling me a little about what you guys are up to. It's fun to read comments from my readers! Hope you all have a great week & hope to hear from you again soon.


mysteryhistorymom said...

To say I'm excited is an understatement! Thank you so much, Summie! They are beyond darling!!! And so are your sweet girlies.:) Lori

The Mrs. said...

OH MY PIE!!!! I LOVE WINNING THINGS!!! And that tooth fairy pillow is the most adorable!! THANK YOU SUMMER!!

I need to be better at commenting on your blog.


Artfulife said...

I'm not gonna lie, it's fun to get comments. & I always say howdy back ;)