Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tula Pink Shoreline Quilt

My sweet friend Nicole contacted me last year to see if I could make her a memory quilt using the table runners from her wedding reception. I thought it was such a wonderful idea & was up for the challenge. She sent me her runners & they sat is a bag for a few weeks while I thought about, sketched ideas & then finally found the perfect pattern to use for this project. Most of the time I like to come up with my own pattern when it comes to custom quilts but nothing that I sketched felt right. When I saw Tula Pinks free pattern for her Shoreline Quilt I sent the image to Nicole & she fell in love with it! I've known Nicole since elementary school & it just warmed my heart to be able to do something like this for such a dear friend.

I went shopping for fabric & then got everything cut & ready to put together. The project sat for almost a whole month. There were reasons why but they aren't worth mentioning on my blog. I kept in contact with Nicole & she knew I'd start when I was able.

Once I got started again everything went pretty quickly. She was a total joy to work with. Good thing because she restored my faith in custom orders.

One of the things she asked for was a label for the back of the quilt. I'd never done one before & had so much fun making it.

All of the fabrics were purchased at Joann's & Hancock Fabric.

I loved Tula Pinks pattern. It was very user friendly. The only thing I did differently was I added extra strips to the width & lengthened all the fabric measurements so that it would fit a queen sized bed. Because of the ease of the pattern this was easy to do. You can find the pattern ::here::

The best part about this whole process was sending it off & getting the email in my inbox saying just how much she loved it. Always makes the whole process that much sweeter.

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